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"Sam did an amazing job with planning an incredible surprise date night for my wife. She brought my vision to life (to the T). It was moment to remember, and I will DEFINITELY be reaching out to Love Runners for another amazing experience!"


My love runner experience was one of the most memorable moments in my LIFE. I couldn’t have done it without Sam!. Everything was handled extremely professional and you guys made my engagement go viral! I would definitely recommend. Thank you again! 


“I recently just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and Love Runners gave me the most amazing baby shower for my new found love. The details put into my baby’s day were beyond my dreams. Because I was so caught up in my demanding job I could barley give as much input as I wanted into but there was no need. Love Runners toon the little directions I did give for what I envisioned for my day and made it 10x more amazing than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Love Runners  and supporting team for your professionalism and for taking the stress off of me and for allowing me to enjoy every min of the shower. I will definitely use them again in the future.


My Love Runners experience was nothing short of spectacular! From attention to the smallest details, to curating an experience that was truly unforgettable and thoroughly thought out and well planned, the ladies of Love Runners truly made my evening with my wife one of the best ever. Love Runners was perfect for me due to being short on time to plan out something special- they created an experience tailored to me and my wife's specific needs wants and interests! My surprise BAECATION was LIT!


Sam has a gift of touching on emotional heart strings…her work is very touching, plus she made me cry my eyes out (lol) so I know other folks don’t stand a chance!


This evening I attended an event coordinated by Love Runners. I got in touch with a representative as I was planning a surprise birthday dinner party for my husband. We discussed some background information like colors and themes for the upcoming event. Next we talked about the food and drinks and the guest list. Samantha did a great job of getting me to actually focus on my spouse to make this event memorable and enjoyable for him as well as the guest. Her attention to detail and incorporating his likes were paramount to this event. Everyone remarked that the decor  was exquisite. My husband enjoyed himself immensely and so did our guests. The night went extremely well and the staff at Love Runners were attentive to all of our needs. I will absolutely use this service again.


Everything exceeded my expectations. Love Runners were able to coordinate my event in like 5 days and it was beautiful. My husband is hard to impress and he was.


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