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The Ladies Of Love Runners

We lead a team that is made up of love connoisseurs;  beautiful self- motivated spirits. Each heart fueled with passion for all things LOVE, dedicated to personalizing your intimate events. From date nights, proposals, and dinner parties for loved ones… to special surprises JUST BECAUSE, with kind regards and infinite love! 


Our mission is to reclaim love in it's truest definition, while creating memories with SOUL-specific sentiments.


Samantha Whitlow CEO (left) & Lya Kimbrough COO (right) 

- Samantha Whitlow (CEO): Creator and co-owner of Love Runners Intimate LLC, Samantha Whitlow’s mission is to highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy love-life balance. 

She is driven by her foundation of compassion for the lack of effort upheld by the people in the dating world. 

Many people who have crossed paths with Samantha, always seem to point out the charm of her old soul and admired her perspective on intimacy. For as long as she can remember, she has always considered herself a ‘hopeless romantic.’ 

Samantha’s genuine love and unmatched passion for all the little things that count, in making others know and feel how loved they truly are, is what makes her a queen of hearts and a perfect candidate to curate romantic experiences. From this day forward, she vows to make memories for a living, until death do her part!

- Lya Kimbrough (COO):  Lya Kimbrough, a Chattanooga native, is one half of the Love Runners Intimate Events team. After meeting CEO Samantha Whitlow, 2 years ago, Lya had no doubt in her mind that being a part of the Love Runners’ mission was something she was prepared to do for the rest of her life. 

After working many different avenues in the event industry for over 5 years, Lya fell in love with the logistics and planning that it takes to create a night to remember. She has always considered herself to be a “romantic”, and working with Love Runners gives Lya the ability to combine her appreciation for events with her passion for Love.

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